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    • Plastic PS Diffuser Sheet for LED Panel Light
 Product details

Light Diffuser Sheet

The point or direct type light source go through the diffuser sheet to make the illuminant homogenization.


Excellent optical dispersion and high transmittance, it can get the more brightness based on the same light source, making the light diffusion effect get the best condition and reduce light source energy consumption effectively.

The color temperature is stable and color rendering index does not fall, it can totally keep the natural color of LED.

Using the light of direct type cold cathode tub, it is uniform, so it will not see the shadow of shine area.

Heat-resistant, impact resistant, dimension stability, good flatness.

Easy cutting process ,low-cost, it can be bending and thermoforming.


The color is milky white, the surface has matte effect.

Size: 1210X1210 X 1.5/2mm are our normal product, if you need other specification and order quantity is large, we also can do them.


Side and direct light resource flat lamp.

The sheet can be employed in super-thin lamp box, liquid crystal TV set, luminous painted wall and medical equipment.


When you make LED lamp, you should choose different principle and design diffuser plate according to your using, light distribution curve and illumination requirement.

The Comparison Between Light Diffusion Sheet and Normal Milky White Organic Sheet: 


Organic sheet

Light diffusion sheet

Light transmittance

Added inorganic color masterbatch(such as titanium dioxide, talcum powder), making more light reflection and obsorption, but only less light will come out.

It can get 84%. And we also can adjust according to customer's requirement.It is composed by colorless special light particles.

Uniform light

It will be yellow after a long time


Color rendering

Color rendering is bad

Good color rendering, not only change the light direction


The smooth surface will have reflection

Matte surface can avoid the reflection

Our Factory and Workshop:

Loading and Packing:

Our Test Equipment:


1.Q: Can you match color for us?

 A: Yes, we can. You can send your samples to us, then we can match for you.

2.Q: What’s the cost of the sample?

 A: The sample cost is free, but if you can afford the freight we will appreciate.

3.Q: How do you ship samples?

 A: Considering sample quantity is not big, we support ship samples by EMS,TNT or fedex , fast and less damages.

4.Q: About diffuser sheets, can you adjust light transmission and haze for us?

 A: Yes, we can.

5.Q: What's your minimum order quantity?

 A: If the color is normal, the MOQ can be 1ton. But if it is not normal, the MOQ is 3tons.

6.Q: Could I use my own forwarder?

 A: Yes

7.Q: I am new to international business, could you find an experienced forwarder to organize shipment for us?

 A: Yes, we will assist and guide you to work out the shipping and import process.

8.Q: Is the sample same with formal orders?

 A: Yes, sample's specification, performance, quality are totally same with formal orders.

9.Q: What's your delivery time?

 A: For samples: within 7 working days; For orders: within 15-20 working days.

10.Q: How about your package?

  A: Firstly we will use PE film pack the sheets inside, secondly the outside we will use kraft paper film to pack, then use wrapping film to enlace, the top we will cover cardboard. Usually we use pallets to pack, if you want to pack in bulk, we also can satisfy your needs.

11.Q: How to control your quality?

  A: When we confirm one color and our customer’s specific requirements, we will control strictly, our OA engineer will use our device to test the sheets performance, dimension, color, shrink age, vacuum forming etc.

12.Q: If we find defective sheets in our order, how do you deal with?

  A: You can supply the photo to us, we confirm then we can replace the sheets in our next order.

13.Q: How can I go to your factory from Shanghai?

  A: It is the best way by train. It just needs one hour from Shanghai station to Changzhou station, then we can pick you up at Changzhou station.

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