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Plastic 1mm abs sheet process and advantages and disadvantages of the introduction


plastic 1mm abs sheet is more important in the furniture industry, especially in the application of cabinetry density substrate processed into different shapes, and then coated with PVC blister film, so that PVC blister film colorful, providing consumers with more choices, blister molding technology to produce product quality varies greatly, not only because of the substrate and PVC film itself, but also the control of the process parameters during processing.

plastic 1mm abs sheet

The production principle of plastic 1mm abs sheet: PVC is heated and pressurized by adjusting and controlling the film pressing time, temperature and air pressure in the equipment cavity, and PVC is coated on the surface of the workpiece.

The production process of plastic 1mm abs sheet: the workpiece is placed on the workbench, enter the heating plate below to extract air, the silicone film is heated on the heating plate, after reaching the set time, the compressed air is injected between the heating plate and the silicone film, the silicone film is closely connected to the PVC, the workpiece and the PVC are heated and softened and the temperature reaches the activation temperature of the glue, the air between the workbench and the PVC is extracted, the compressed air is injected between the PVC and the heating plate, and the PVC is covered on the plate under the action of the set pressure and temperature.

The activation temperature of plastic 1mm abs sheet is about 60℃, the storage environment temperature is 5℃-30℃, lower than 5℃ will cause flocculation, the bucket should be placed on a wooden bracket, not directly on the ground, the film adhesive is valid for 6 months from the date of delivery without removing the original packaging, the ratio of main agent and curing agent is 20:1, when mixing the two, slowly Add the hardener, stir fully, prepare the amount of glue water to be used up within 4 hours, cover tightly the glue barrel.

According to the characteristics of the workpiece line to choose different thickness of silicone film, due to frequent heating and stretching, silicone film drape will increase, in order to reduce the drape, to install in a timely manner, regular replacement of the use of silicone film direction can extend its service life, to prevent quality problems in the workpiece, if there are holes or short cracks in the corners of the silicone film, you can use silicone and film patching machine to repair.

Advantages of plastic 1mm abs sheet.

plastic 1mm abs sheet as a new green environmental protection material, because of its light weight, surface gloss, flame retardant, water resistance, shock absorption, anti-static and other characteristics, is more and more people choose.

plastic 1mm abs sheet surface using vacuum blister one-time seamless PVC molding process, the substrate for the density board, blister door panel colorful, scratch-resistant, fade resistant, no cracking, no deformation, simple daily maintenance, is a more mature cabinet material, blister board after molding can be sealed on all sides as one, no need to seal the edge, the board years open glue and susceptible to water corrosion and other problems can be solved, blister board wear resistance is high, can be directly cleaned with wire balls, without damage to the surface and color.

plastic 1mm abs sheet Supplier from china

Disadvantages of plastic 1mm abs sheet.

The disadvantage of plastic 1mm abs sheet is that it is afraid of heat, even a small cigarette will damage the surface of the film, imported plastic-absorbing door panels are expensive, many domestic PVC plastic-absorbing door panels are not up to quality, molded door panels and plastic-absorbing door panels are relatively similar products, plastic-absorbing door panels are in line with the rustic style of decoration, the price is slightly lower relative to molded panels.

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