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Plastic 1mm abs sheet selection techniques and advantages of the introduction


What is plastic 1mm abs sheet?

plastic 1mm abs sheet can also be called density board, the surface of the vacuum blister or seamless PVC film hot press molding, in fact, is a high-performance engineering plastics, but because of the physical properties of this blister board is very good, and looks like a variety of three-dimensional pattern, so it is widely used in interior decoration, usually used to do some doors, cabinet doors.

plastic 1mm abs sheet

How to buy plastic 1mm abs sheet

1、Identify the base material

plastic 1mm abs sheet as a density board, density strength is directly related to its quality, we can weigh the weight of the substrate when buying, high density of the board, in the ability to eat nails and nail holding capacity will be much better.

2、Identify the quality of plastic 1mm abs sheet film skin

When buying plastic 1mm abs sheet, you can see whether the blister film is uniform, there is no color difference, surface crust, etc. Good blister board will have a certain thickness, the use of performance will be much stronger, the grade is naturally different. The front of the door panel film skin surface is flat, there is no bulging place, if so, the substrate grinding process quality control is not very good, then the other manufacturing links may also have problems.

3, surface treatment and workmanship issues

The front of the door panel modeling lines are delicate; previously mentioned plastic cabinet board made of cabinet door surface treatment effect is very important, will directly affect the overall aesthetic, if the corners in the suction command open glue crust phenomenon, you can PVC film and plate sticky pressure at the hand buckle; from the back of the door panel to see the film skin and substrate combined with cross-sectional glue is saturated, if there are gaps, after a period of time may be deglued, the door panel will be scrapped.

plastic 1mm abs sheet Manufacturer

The advantages of plastic 1mm abs sheet are as follows

1. plastic 1mm abs sheet surface flatness is good, easy to do modeling. The cabinets made of plastic absorbent sheet with carving and milling pattern molding, the pattern is diverse and has a three-dimensional sense, if the home decoration for the European or rustic style, it is recommended to choose plastic absorbent.

2. plastic 1mm abs sheet colorful, realistic wood grain, monochromatic chromaticity pure, no cracking and no deformation, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant.

3. Simple daily maintenance. As a result of blister molding can be sealed on all four sides of the door panel into one, but also do not need to seal the edge, to solve the problem of some panels over the years and open glue and susceptible to water corrosion and other problems, not easy to crack deformation, post-maintenance cleaning is also very easy, but also because of this feature is widely used in the cabinet door sheet reasons.

4. Affordable price

Plastic 1mm abs sheet cabinets are much cheaper than solid wood cabinets.

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